Photos: Sheriff's Office rescues and releases alligator, social media abuzz

On Wednesday, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Facebook posted photos of what it described as an animal rescue and release operation of sorts. But the office wasn’t dispatched to rescue a kitten from a tree. Instead, the situation involved a ditch, a deputy and an alligator.

“It's all in a days work for JCSO Deputy D. Bailey and Texas Game Warden McFall,” reads a portion of the Facebook post.

In the post, the Sheriff’s Office described the alligator as a “big guy,” listing its measurements at 9 feet 6 inches, and said the animal was “rescued from a concrete drainage ditch near Hwy 69 between Spurlock and Hwy 3514” before being “safely released in the J.D. Murphree Wildlife Refuge.”

At the end of the post, the Sheriff’s Office thanked the “pipeline contractors who notified the Sheriffs Office and assisted with the rescue.”

As of Friday afternoon, the post had received hundreds of likes, 49 shares and a number of comments. Many of the comments are congratulatory in nature with several others focusing on the exact location of the highway mentioned in the post.

In a photo showing the two individuals posing with the bound alligator, one person commented: "Anyone else think this pic has Reno 9-1-1written all over it!"