Report: Texas A&M student becomes 9th fatality in Astroworld tragedy

Scenes from Travis Scott's Astroworld on November 5.

Scenes from Travis Scott's Astroworld on November 5.

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The 22-year-old Texas A&M University student who was declared brain dead Tuesday has become the ninth death related to the massive tragedy at the that originally left eight dead and hundreds injured last weekend. 

According to the , attorney James Lassiter said during a news conference Thursday the student Bharti Shahani died Wednesday. 

"Bharti was a shining star in the community," Lassiter said. "She was a sister, a daughter, a high-achieving college student about to graduate from Texas A&M University with high, high grades."

Among the injured, a 9-year-old boy is currently in a medically induced come in an attempt to minimize trauma to his brain, according to . His grandfather told the news outlet he was in Houston with his father to see "his favorite artist." The family is "devastated because this was supposed to be a father-son outing for them to bond and it has turned into something horrible and tragic," the grandfather said.

The family has joined the growing number of concertgoers who have filed lawsuits, according to the . Civil rights attorney Ben Crump announced the lawsuit on Tuesday. Houston rapper Travis Scott, his management, and the Astroworld promotors are among the defendants.

is also now representing 68 victims in a massive lawsuit against Travis Scott, Drake, Live Nation, and NRG stadium.

On Tuesday, released the names of the eight individuals who perished in the crush of people at the music festival. Judge Lina Hidalgo shared a list of the victims' names Monday morning. The youngest individual was 14, the oldest was 27.

In the wake of the Astroworld incident, both Scott and Drake have . Scott has also since said that he will cover the funeral costs and , but his efforts haven't stopped lawsuits aimed at the rapper sand Drake.